Vision, Mission, & Purpose


Carroll County residents access, engage and create digital content while increasing understanding of their community and expand their civic participation.


The mission of Community Media Center is to provide Carroll County residents and organizations with services, tools, training and access to innovative digital technologies that engage, inform and connect them to their community.


  • To establish, maintain, and operate one (1) or more media access center (s);

  • To ensure that CMC operates in the public interest in accordance with Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulation in providing Public, Education, and Governmental access telecommunications needs and services for the County and Towns it represents;

  • To ensure that CMC serves the community and region with noncommercial content reflecting the activities, concerns and interests of the residents of Carroll County;

  • To develop funding resources and administer such funds in order to promote Public, Education and Governmental programming in the public interest;

  • To provide individuals and organizations the necessary resources and support to produce programming for the access channel (s), including training, equipment, production facilities and channel time;

  • To promote and develop activities, concerns, and interests of the residents of Carroll County in a manner that promotes a free exchange of ideas and information.


In 2017 the Community Media Center Board of Directors engaged in strategic planning to layout a new blueprint for the vision and mission of the organization.  Based on data from surveys and interviews with partners, key stakeholders, staff, patrons, volunteers, business and community leaders, the Board adopted a strategic framework and planning process. This document advances our driving principles and direction for a vibrant and sustainable future. This framework serves as the foundation for an ongoing  developmental process. Read our strategic framework.